About Us Pics
We are doing some potting today.
Dani's twin brother, Coen. He's working on
one of the grow beds.
Kelly always has a project going! This was
another one of her finds that I 'needed'!
Dani took this selfie. I really love this pic!
This girl can work a hammer!
Painting the benches. We were always
painting benches it seemed!
One of Kellys' finds! This is one of the things
that she just 'knew' I needed!
Feeding the tadpoles
Fill it up. Empty it out. Dani will do this forever!
Agave parryi var huachucensis. Believe it or
not I found this in a dumpster. I planted it and
it made a spectacular recovery!
Dani and Coen 'helping' me to pot!
She found a bug!
Lola Jean and her first visit to the
greenhouse. She proceeded to remove all
the net pots within her reach!